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Allowing Miracles

By on October 22, 2016

Have you ever just needed a freaking miracle? Something that could fix a HUGE problem for you or someone you love? Something that is so out of the realm of possibility that you blow it off? What if that miracle could actually come true?

I had a friend in trouble. Big trouble. The kind of trouble where you’ve made a bad decision and you no longer have the power to help yourself. And she was reaching out to me. What she thought she needed was money. Money I didn’t have. Money I could not send. I felt guilty. I felt powerless. I was overwhelmed with the desire to help and the pull of the guilt that I could not.

I’ve been working on mindset for a while now, and I decided that I needed to work on forgiveness for my friend and the release of guilt. And as I was working on it, I sent up a little prayer. A simple request: GUIDE ME. I asked for strength. I asked for guidance. And I asked for SOMEthing I could do to help.

And the phone rang. Right then. As I was in my chair sending up my requests. It was my friend. She needed me to look up a number and call someone for her. She gave me the name and I wrote it down. And I looked at it. I looked at it again. And all the breath rushed out of me. I knew the name. I didn’t know HER, but I knew how to find her. The person who could help her the most was married to one of my best friends from high school. My friend was oblivious to this fact and had no idea that her request was something I could help her with. Could I? IF you know me, you know I hate the phone. I hate asking for favors. And I especially hate asking for favors from people I haven’t communicated with in over 20 years. And I was about to have to do both. But let’s start with the first connection:

Thank God for facebook. I sent my friend a message. Just asking if his wife was really the person I was looking for… And…nothing.

I was hurt. I was disappointed. I felt let down by the Universe. I thought I had my miracle. And as I was feeling sorry for myself and trying to will his reply, a photo came across my newsfeed. It was him! And for miracle’s sake, I’m quite certain I haven’t seen him in my newsfeed. Ever. And I realized I had messaged the wrong account. Another guiding hand from above…just what I asked for…guidance.

And this time, the message reply came quickly. And the connection was made that we needed. The ONE person who could help my friend was right there. I had the phone call we needed. I asked my questions. She gave me answers. And, while I Know it was her JOB, I also know the peace that comes with knowing that my friend was being cared for by someone who would give her a chance. Help her make this crisis right. And THAT is what my friend really needed. Not money. Not things. But someone to believe in her again.

I’m not saying this situation couldn’t have been fixed without her help, but I am saying that that one conversation made me feel more at peace than anything else could have. And I sent that vibe of peace to my friend in every way that I could. And just knowing that MY friend was thinking about her and about me and asking his wife to help… makes me feel so blessed that our friendship could be reconnected in such a profound way. I can remember leaning on him as a 15 year old girl, stressed about this or that, and how he always made me feel better. And now at 42, not even having to apologize or feel ashamed for trying to help my friend. And in the last moments, as his wife was helping my friend, and the panic set in…

I reached out to him again. Feeling a little like that crazy 15 year old girl (with the long hair and the crazy 80s bangs that wouldn’t move even if a bomb went off). And he had no hesitation in his reply as he reminded me that it would all be ok and that worry never helped anything. And his wife was able to help. It is her job to help. But I know that the miracle all started when I just asked that little question to the Universe for guidance. So I asked again…but this time I put the whole thing on a new level. I felt the need for the positive energy and vibes to reach my friend. And I knew I couldn’t do it alone.

So I made the request public. I had to keep the details to myself, but I needed the energy of prayers and positive vibes to all come together as one. I needed just one more miracle. Not one person asked for details. Not one person judged me or told me they couldn’t help. I had comments and love pouring in almost immediately.

We had been waiting to hear about my friend all day. All day. And we had no way to contact her to see what was going on. But the moment that those comments started pouring in, the phone rang. It was my friend. And everything was going to be ok. She was getting the help she needed. She was given another chance. And she was grateful for what everyone had done for her to give her this amazing miracle. I’ve heard from her many times in the past 48 hours since the crisis began to be resolved…and that word keeps coming out of her mouth. Miraculous. And that’s what it is, you know. A miracle all wrapped up in love and promises.

And in the end, despite the issue that caused the reconnection, I am so grateful to her for allowing me to reconnect with an old friend. Someone who meant the world to me in the hardest of childhood years, but who drifted away as we went our own separate ways. I’ve missed you, my friend, and I’m glad we’ve come back to a friendship that meant the world to me. I can never repay you for how you and your wife helped, but I can tell you that the trust and guidance sent out from you both has changed more than one life. And the Universe works in mysterious ways. Miraculous.

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